Day One:

We began our journey to Berlin by taking a train from Copenhagen at noon which took about four hours. The Berlin train station was like nothing I’ve ever seen. It was five levels, three of which had trains going on them. It was filled with shops and places to eat and was made of all glass. We made our way to the taxis and took a taxi over to our hotel. Once we got to the hotel we were both exhausted so we took a short nap before heading out to dinner. We were both pretty tired still so we made the long walk to the Italian restaurant which was next door. We had a salad, nachos and a six euro bottle of water. We finished the night off by skyping and watching a few episodes of the Big Bang theory. 

Day Two: We started the day off by going to the city center in order to get our berlin welcome card. On the way to the information center we stopped at a cafe and Jen got an strudel and I got a cinnamon roll with raisins. The card allows for a number of discounts as well as free public transportation. We also grabbed a museum pass which allowed us free access to a number of museums. We then saw the Brandenberg gate and the Reichstag building which housed the German parliament. We then made our way to museum island to visit the pergamom museum which houses a number of artifacts from the Byzantine empire, macepotamia and the romans. The most impressive artifact was the rebuilt entrance to the roman marketplace. They also had some impressive statues.  After visiting the museum we went to lunch at a bbq joint that was nearby museum island. After that we walked up to the natural history museum which had dinosaurs and other artifacts. The museum had the worlds tallest dinosaur which stood at 43 feet. We also watched a video on the history of earth and looked at stuffed pandas. At this point we were both very tired and we went back to the room and watched more Big Bang theory. We were very boring again and went back to the same restaurant as the night before. We ended the night by calling our parents. 

Day Three:





Getting lost

Tortilla espanola


Lemongrass pad Thai

Palacio real and connected cathedral


Invisible men

Free Prato

Learning subway system